My work is inspired by structures within the built environment, whether inhabited or abandoned. I am interested in their physiognomy, viewing them as object as well as considering the impact they have on the space they inhabit.

Through a combination of mixed-media , digital drawings and photography, I explore the complexities of and contrasts between surface, line, colour and light, within and around the structures I choose to engage with. 

My Process

When I engage with a structure, at first it is all about finding an interesting viewpoint, angle or detail. I consider the quality of and effect of light on and around the structure. I am keen to reveal its narrative: the unexpected through exploring contrasts in surface material, the hidden through lighting a specific corner or by drawing attention to form through the definition of simplified shape.

My camera is my notebook, capturing details which may go unnoticed at first. I then develop my photographs further using my digital workbook which gives me the opportunity to try out ideas through drawing, manipulation of multiple layers, combining shape, line, textural qualities and colour. This is an important part of how I work through and make sense of my ideas.

I enjoy a deliberate and playful experimentation with scale, which creates juxtaposition between the dominance of the architectural structures I choose to engage with, and the intricate fragility of experimentation with shadow or observing how colour, light and materiality mingle. Deconstruction and then reconstruction of visual forms, compositions and visual possibilities allows me to reinterpret these spaces, helping me to make sense of a buildings’ individuality and character and develop new spatial compositions.